When Is Knee Surgery Recommended?

Wondering if your knee problems will eventually require knee surgery? Whether you are suffering from knee injuries because you were in an accident or have been diagnosed with arthritis, knee surgery may be necessary, as it is used to treat a variety of knee-related problems.

Your knees should never be taken for granted, as they play a very important role in your ability to move around. This requires you to take any and all necessary steps that will allow your knees to properly function, with a goal of making it so your knees function properly for the rest of your life.

About knee surgery

When it has been determined that knee replacement surgery is needed, a full knee replacement or a partial knee replacement can be performed. Reconstructive knee surgery is also common and can correct a multitude of knee problems.

Today’s modern medical advances now allow for robotic knee surgery, which is becoming a more popular surgical choice. While nonsurgical knee treatment options may be available, sometimes it is just necessary for someone to undergo surgery on their knees in order to experience improvement.

About knee pain

When someone is experiencing persistent knee pain, also known as chronic knee pain, it is often recommended that they undergo knee surgery in order to eliminate or at least minimize their knee pain. Ongoing knee pain makes it difficult for someone to perform everyday duties, like sitting down and walking, which will negatively affect their overall quality of life.

The following is a list of common reasons someone would be recommended for knee surgery.

When physical therapy does not work

When other treatment options like physical therapy for knee improvement do not work, then the next step is often knee surgery.

When the meniscus is damaged

When meniscus, or cartilage, in the knee is damaged, it needs to be surgically repaired, as this is the only way to restore regular functioning to the knee.

When someone is diagnosed with knee arthritis

A partial knee replacement is commonly performed on patients diagnosed with arthritis in their knees, as it replaces worn-out portions of the knee joint.

Have any questions we can answer for you?

If you have any questions at all related to knee surgery, all you have to do is give us a call right now so we can provide you with the answers. We completely understand how difficult it can be for you to move around when you are experiencing problems with your knees. In order for you to understand what surgical options for knees are available, you will need to make a consultation appointment. During this first initial appointment, you will be able to ask all the questions you want, as well as understand whether knee surgery is necessary or the right choice for you.

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