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Meniscectomy FAQ&#    ;s From An Orthopedic Surgeon

Meniscectomy FAQ's From An Orthopedic Surgeon

One of the most common procedures that an orthopedic surgeon completes is a meniscectomy. These are commonly done and not only reserved for sports medicine or an injury related to a sports injury.The meniscectomy is done to help in the fixing and repairing of a tear to the meniscus. Whether from a sports-related injury or…

When Is Knee Surgery Recommended?

When Is Knee Surgery Recommended?

Wondering if your knee problems will eventually require knee surgery? Whether you are suffering from knee injuries because you were in an accident or have been diagnosed with arthritis, knee surgery may be necessary, as it is used to treat a variety of knee-related problems.Your knees should never be taken for granted, as they play…